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Ike M. Iqbal CPA

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Accounting & Tax Service


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Ike M. Iqbal, CPA

I undertook a position as an apprentice accountant in 1982 for Gitler & Greenfield in Beverly Hills. I later worked as an accountant with the company Snyder & Sonnenfield CPA in Covina. After these many years of hard work I struck out on my own and in 1989 I took ownership of this building from E. Ray Sparks and Made it into an accounting office under the title 'Ike M. Iqbal CPA, Accounting and Tax Service'. I have a wife, three sons, and one grandson that I call my own. I love to spend my weekends entertaining guests and family, traveling, and cooking good food.



I prepare and handle tax returns for individuals, as well as for small, mid, and large size businesses. I oversee the operations of our Accounting and Tax service business and personally look over each job we fulfill for our clients.